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Organic charcoal for hookah
No charcoal taste
Natural ingredients
No headache
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Forget the test of coal with WUGIL

It's no secret that coal is a very important component of a hookah. You can get a good smoking device, quality tobacco, but bad coal can ruin everything. In addition, the presence of harmful impurities in coal will quickly affect your health. A good hookah coal must meet the following parameters:
100% natural composition Long steady burning No bad smell Practicaly no harmful evaporations during combustion Low carbon monoxide emissions Lack of headache Acceptable ash

An alternative to coconut is coal made from walnut shells. Our production is located in Ukraine, which is in the Top 5 countries for growing walnuts, most of which are cracked inside of our country to get final product. So, there are plenty of walnut shells in Ukraine. The use of such raw materials and unique equipment allows you to get a product that in many respects is superior to coconut coal. Numerous experiments have led us to create environmentally friendly coal for hookah. We present to your attention a unique product - coal for a hookah based on the walnut shell WUGIL.



We are proud of the quality of our products.
Independent certification confirms the high level of our production.

WUGIL is produced without adding any chemicals used to improve burning and obtain the required strength of the cube during combustion. The coal does not emit any unpleasant odors during inflame and burning. The absence of a headache after smoking is a consequence of the low amount of carbon monoxide and other harmful substances produced by burning the coal.

  • Quality assurance from the manufacturer

  • Innovative production methods

  • Really ecological hookah coal





Premium hookah coal is obtained exclusively from walnut shells. Due to the high heat transfer, one refueling of the coal is enough for several hours of use. In its manufacture, no chemical additives are used, which minimizes emissions of harmful substances during coal combustion.- 1,1 kg netto- 80 cubes 25х25mm- Quick ignition- Acceptable ash- No chemical additives



Technologists of our company work tirelessly to improve the quality of products. 
Customer feedback and an Instagram survey showed that our customers are against the use of chemical additives to improve the quality of coal. We do our best to satisfy your requests, and ... 
We introduce the new hookah charcoal, which has less ash and more heat. At the same time, it remained exclusively natural and environmentally friendly, as well as the least harmful to health. In order to emphasize these qualities, a new brand of hookah charcoal was created. Meet: 
VUGO is charcoal for those who respect themselves and value their health.



For your convenience, we have released a small box with the coal weighing 0.55 kg, in which there are 40 cubes
VUGO is charcoal for those who respect themselves and value their health.



For those who want to save money due to a beautiful and convenient box, as well as for hookah bars, we offer a package of 1 kg, 72 cubes in cellophane
VUGO is charcoal for those who respect themselves and value their health.


  • Organics

    In the production of WUGIL coal, only organic raw materials are used, it does not contain any impurities or additives that emit toxins during combustion

  • No chemistry

    WUGIL does not emit any odor when burning, which allows you to fully enjoy the aromas of tobacco used in hookah

  • Acceptable ash

    WUGIL is almost pure carbon, so a small amount of ash remains when it is burned.

  • Quick ignition

    In order for the hookah to be ready for use, it will take only 7-8 minutes to ignite the coal WUGIL

  • Good heat

    At one WUGIL coal refueling, depending on the intensity of smoking, you can rest from 1 to 1.5 hours.

  • Ecology

    In the production of WUGIL coal, technology and equipment are used that do not emit harmful substances into the atmosphere.


We are so confident in the quality of our products that we guarantee its replacement within a week if you receive a bad product.



WUGIL factory

WUGIL - walnut charcoal!

How to identify chemical additives in charcoal (English subtitles)


You can find here answers to the most common questions. If there is no answer, fill out the form below orjust write us to moc.liamg%40au.liguw We will reply you within one business day.

  • Why is your hookah coal better?

    We do not use chemical additives designed to improve the ignition of coal, increase its strength in the cold state and during combustion in the manufacture of our coal. Therefore, WUGIL does not emit an unpleasant odor during ignition and during burning. The high content of pure carbon and the high density of the resulting cube contribute to the long burning of coal in a hookah. When using a hookah, only the taste and smell of tobacco are felt, without any impurities coming from coal. The purity of our product guarantees the absence of a headache, which often accompanies the use of hookah with low-quality coals.

  • Your coal has more ash than coconut, how critical is it?

    The ash content of coal is determined by the amount of non-combustible substances in the coal cube. Basically, these are elements such as calcium, potassium, silicon and others. The calcium content in coal produced from walnut is higher than in coconut coal. This is due to the natural features of the walnut trees to pull calcium from the ground for their needs, then it is deposited in the shell. This leads to the fact that the total ash content in our coal is slightly higher than in coconut. Typically, when smoking a hookah if there is enough heat, the ash is shaking off every fifteen minutes. The frequency of shaking off the ash is determined by the ability of coal to emit enough heat. When smoking a hookah with our coal, the heat is enough to shake off the ashes less often than after fifteen to twenty minutes. That is, it is not critical. Our company does not stand still, we are working on this problem and in the near future there will be coal samples from walnut shells with less ash.

  • Is there enough heat?

    The amount of heat released by coal depends on the content of pure carbon in it, the density of the cube and its moisture. All of these indicators in our coal are practically not inferior to the best samples obtained from coconut shells. The heat is enough to enjoy a hookah with two coals in collaud for an hour.

  • How long does it burn when compared to coconut?

    WUGIL's burning time is not inferior to the best samples of coconut coals.

  • Can I order your coal without cardboard boxes?

    For those buyers for whom the presentable packaging of our coal is not so important, it is possible to deliver it in plastic bags of 40 cubes each, weighing 535 g.


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