13 Nov 2019


Ukraine is one of the five leading countries in the world for growing walnuts. The walnut kernel is protected by a hard shell which must be cracked and discarded in order to obtain a refined, finished product, ready to eat. As a result of walnut cleaning, a large amount of shell is formed.
We had the idea to use walnut shells to produce a coal for hookah using unique equipment and original technology that allows you to get the most environmentally friendly hookah coal, which causes minimal harm to the human body. Numerous experiments and continuous improvement of the equipment ultimately led to the creation of such a product - coal for hookah WUGIL.
If someone thinks that nicotine, which is in tobacco, does the most harm when smoking a hookah, then this is not so. Here we quote an excerpt from the good article “What is the danger of hookah?” (Http://
A hookah is a device that allows you to heat tobacco with coal, let smoke through water and breathe into yourself. The hazardous elements include coal and tobacco. For some reason, many people forget about coal, thinking that only nicotine and tar are a health hazard.
What is dangerous hookah:1) Carbon monoxide;2) Hot air;3) Nicotine;4) Tar in tobacco;5) Infections in the hose.
Carbon monoxide in a hookahHookah poisoning most often occurs with active inhalation of carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide comes from coal, passes through a bowl of tobacco and, in the form of smoke, goes throughout the hookah towards the lungs. When you inhale the smoke from a hookah, remember that in addition to the taste of tobacco, carbon monoxide from coal comes to you.
Hot airHot smoke is the most dangerous component of any smoking. The longer the pipe, the more the smoke cools. Smoking through a pipe is less dangerous than smoking a cigarette. Smoking a hookah is even safer for the lungs, but the risk remains always. Keep the smoke as cool as possible.
NicotineNicotine is a drug. It is quickly eliminated from the body, addiction is more psychological than physical, but it is still a drug.
Tar in TobaccoAny tobacco contains tar. When smoking a hookah, tar is also a danger, among other things.
Hose infectionsWhen smoking a hookah, individual infections get into the hose. Especially often they get into the hose when blowing a hookah. The most common bacterium in the hose is staphylococcus.
HOOKAH IS DANGEROUS. REDUCING RISKHookah is dangerous, you can read about it in the previous part. It is possible to dealt with each of the dangers and the risk of negative effects of hookah on the human body can be reduced.
Carbon monoxide in a hookah can be removed in two stages:
Place the coals so that the coals warm the edges of the bowl, rather than burning the tobacco itself. Coals warm the edges of the bowl, the bowl evenly heats the tobacco, as a result, the hookah becomes softer and juicier, and the tobacco does not burn;
If you smoke with a Phunnel bowl or with a central tunnel in tobacco, do not make central holes in the foil. If you make a central hole in the foil, it turns out that you inhale carbon monoxide directly, even without tobacco smoke;
Use special heat control devices that do not pass carbon monoxide directly into the bowl. For example, Kaloud Lotus (and similar devices) warm evenly the walls of the bowl, minimizing the very amount of air that previously passes through the coals.
The influence of hot air can be escaped by additional smoke cooling. The longer the shaft and hose, the better the smoke cools. The minimum path should be between two and a half meters between the bowl and the mouthpiece. You can also add ice to the flask or put the flask itself in an ice bucket.
It is easiest to remove nicotine from a hookah - just smoke non-nicotine tobacco.
Tars in tobacco are removed by filtering smoke in water or milk, and some of the tars are deposited along the entire route of the smoke (shaft + hose). The longer the path, the less tar.
Infections in a hookah hose can be dangerous, or can be almost harmless. First of all, always wash the hookah after smoking. If you are going to go to bed already, or you do not have enough time, then remove the coals and transfer them to a safe place (and it is best to fill them with water); the shaft must be removed from the bulb with water. Always remove the shaft from the water if you have finished smoking the hookah.
Smoke hookah only in the company of people you trust and you know they are not sick, otherwise there is a risk of getting or passing the harmful bacteria through the hose. The staphylococcus itself, which scares hookah lovers is not so dangerous when passing through a hose, the body of a healthy person is able to cope with it without your attention, but if you have weakened immunity, then the risk becomes real.
Smoke hookah in checked places (preferably at home) in the circle of certain people so that everyone is healthy.
WHAT ELSE CAN BE DANGEROUS IN HOOKAHTake the hookah and make it safe (as in the previous section). Is hookah dangerous now? Yes, it’s dangerous. Hookah is always dangerous. One spark in an unprepared room and there is a risk of fire. Watch for quality of the coal, use only charcoal and coconut coal. Even I had cases when it was blowing on coals, and a spark burned through clothes and left a burn on the body.
Be careful with the choice of tobacco: buy quality tobacco from reputable manufacturers. It so happened that in the United States the most widely developed market is Hi-End goods, so when buying American tobacco and American coal you have the least chance of getting something harmful from a hookah.
Smoke hookah carefully, take care of yourself. We wish you a smoky hookah!
So, in the first place in the danger of hookah is carbon monoxide released during the combustion of coal. Therefore, it is very important to use coal with a minimum emission of carbon monoxide during combustion. Coal for hookah WUGIL fully meets these requirements. Everyone who tried our product noticed that after smoking a hookah with coal WUGIL does not hurt his head.
Our task was to create the most environmentally friendly coal, so we do not add any chemistry to our product that is necessary to accelerate the ignition, improve the mechanical strength of the cube, ensure its strength after ignition, so that it does not crack during burning. Due to this, coal for hookah WUGIL does not emit an unpleasant odor when ignited and burned. The damage to the body when smoking with coal WUGIL is minimal.
It is also important that during the burning of hookah coal WUGIL a sufficient amount of heat is released, but the tobacco does not overheat. Overheating of tobacco, as indicated above, leads to the release of vapors hazardous to health. Here we should also recall the recommendation not to breathe hot smoke.
Therefore, we rephrase a little the end of the article about the dangers of a hookah:
Smoke hookah with WUGIL coals, do it carefully, take care!Have pleasure without harm to your health!